Welcome to Car Caves episode 2, where we Jonny goes to meet an embarrassment of Pandas (correct term for a group of Pandas)... of the Fiat variety.  

In this episode Jonny visits Alton in Hampshire where Vernon Hibberd gives Jonny his private tour of retro Fiats stashed inside a workshop, punctuated with large luxo-barges (Buick & Merc coupes and Daimler XJCs).

Vernon loves a bargain, and cannot resist his fetish for Fiat Panda 4x4s – the go-anywhere ’80s Giugiaro mountain goat. He has 10 4x4s and a total of 30 Pandas – many of which live in his ‘Panda pen’ basement storage area beneath a barn. Jonny packs a torch to see what lurks inside there at the end of the episode.

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