The Late Brake Show is an eclectic automotive entertainment YouTube channel and digital platform, born from the brain of British motoring journalist, TV presenter and walking car encyclopedia Jonny Smith, aka The CarPervert.

Previously called CarPervert, the channel reviews freshly launched new vehicles, but also leaves tyre tracks down the lesser travelled paths of automotive appreciation.

It is here where quirky classics, ‘carchaeology’ barnfinds and garage show-and-tells meet new and sparkly, ambitious project builds, road trips, resto-modding and the culture surrounding it all. Delivered with intrigue and enthusiasm established from two+ decades of automotive media experience.

However, The Late Brake Show is not a TV show. Nope.

It is a YouTube channel that showcases everything Jonny’s followers have come to expect from him – the unexpected. Because why turn right when you can go left...field?

Viewers can decide which episodes press their pedals – be that new car reviews with strange verdicts; the future of car technology; digging out old relics (literally), or simply delving into the retrospective world of classic and custom. The choice is theirs; we simply provide the menu.

In a world where many creators choose 'click-bait' over content integrity, or Google-Analytics search rankings over honest enthusiasm, The Late Brake Show dares to be different. It dares to be true.

Following Jonny’s own mantra of embracing efficient electric for most daily drive duties and smelly old glorious petrol cars for weekend rewards, The Late Brake Show will encourage a thought-provoking diverse car-munity, spanning EV to V8. No pleasures too guilty, no exotics too untouchable.

And to have all of that celebrated by other open-minded folks doing the same.

Anyway, enough already.

Welcome to The Late Brake Show.