The Late Brake Show is the ultimate brand for honest engagement.

With fans and followers who are loyal and dedicated, and ever keen to find out more, via Jonny’s honest and enthusiastic approach; they will tell Jonny if the story isn’t quite right, as much as they will tell him when it is. The viewers want ‘in’ as much as Jonny wants them in, and it’s a collaborative relationship that Jonny is proud to have organically garnered.

The Late Brake Show is an open house for audiences of all demographics. The viewer profile is irrelevant, so long as they are intrigued, entertained and above all else, open-minded.

It is a brand with NCA values at its core. By its very nature and its eclectic and unpredictable approach, the show introduces audiences old and new, to things perhaps old and forgotten, as well as things new and exciting. Stories, topics, genres. And it does that via on old and familiar interests. It draws audiences in with genres they know and love and once in, introduces them to something completely new… ‘If you liked that, give this a go…’

Perhaps most importantly it tries to authentically bring petrol-loving car consumers to the EV market, 4-wheeled to the 2, old to the new, using the unique style and relaxed tone of Jonny Smith.

Sound like something your brand could be interested in?

If you are a brand or business that can uphold and support these values and would like to collaborate with the show and speak to this amazing audience, then please email us at…