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Jonny started this project of taking a hated 1970s British Austin Allegro and making it perform, handle and stop like a modern-ish hatchback back in 2007. The 1977 Allegro was found minutes where he grew up in Somerset and is a rarer 2 door model in fetching Antique Gold (one of many vile British Leyland hues).

This is episode one of a mini series, where Jonny’s car goes off to the team at Midland Performance and Retro in Shropshire to be finally finished as he intended. The Allegro’s drivetrain has been taken from a 1993 Rover 827 Si donor car, which has a Honda-derived 2.7-litre 24v V6 and a manual 5-speed gearbox. The aim of a sleeper is to not give the game away as to its performance and capability. As such the ‘All Agro’ will retain as much original 48k-from-new paint as possible.

The suspension is now adjustable coilovers and brakes are Golf GTi front discs, with 14-inch steel wheels from a VW Polo (to mimic the originals in form). These areas are yet to be completed, as is the wiring (stand alone ECU from Specialist Components), supercharger (Eaton M62 from a salvage Mercedes SLK Kompressor) and boot mounted cooling system. Wanted: -Electric cooling fans, radiator and hoses. -Strut braces for torsional rigidity. -Disc brakes for front and rear, plus hoses, servo and master cylinder. -Induction air system and plumbing/mounting for supercharger -Limited slip differential Follow future episodes where the Allegro receives a detailed transformation from dowdy OAP chariot into a 200+bhp supercharged V6 driver’s car.

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