Welcome to Part 3 of Jonny's Austin Allegro V6 supercharged sleeper project, where he is converting the most hated British car and making it perform, handle and stop like a hot-ish hatchback.  

The 1977 Antique Gold Austin Allegro’s drivetrain has been taken from a 1993 Rover 827 Si donor car, which has a Honda-derived C27A 2.7-litre 24v V6 and a manual 5-speed gearbox.

In this episode: Midland Performance & Retro drill out the spot welds to remove the front wings; The engine and gearbox are taken out, ready to finish engine bay and strut tower fab; A whole lot of 3d laser scanning happens to the front suspension parts; 3D printed caliper brackets are tried for size on the Wortec brake kit.; Jonny opens the gearbox to fit a Quaife (automatic torque biasing) diff; Jonny starts stripping the C27A Honda V6 of its manifolds and cam covers; Midland Performance & Retro cut out the boot area for rear cooling & make a firewall; New adjustable GAZ Gold coilover dampers with adjustable top mounts; Some ebay parts for the cooling and front suspension system; Using a pub bar cider sign as a third braking light. Yes, Jonny is (being) weird.

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