It is a 328-mile family EV crossover that is an electric game changer. Why? Because the price starts at £40,000 in the UK, the warranty is 7 years, the quality and design rivals or exceeds that of many German brands, and it happens to have over 300 miles of range.   

30 years ago Kia appeared on the British market with the Pride. It was exceptional value, but it was a rebadged Mazda/Ford and looked like a sandwich box on 12-inch whitewall tyres. Zero style, but oodles of brand ambition.

Fast forward to 2021 and Jonny believes the Korean Kia brand has become as middle class as Aldi, but with design flair that blows companys like BMW and VW out of the EV arena.

The ability to be used as its own power source with external plug sockets, plus be compatible with 400 or 800 volts means the EV6 is future-proofed to rapid charge at leading speeds, and all models sold in the UK can go beyond 300 miles. Its boot is a smidge smaller than the Ioniq 5, and it is more of a crossover than a giant Lancia Integrale.

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