This emotional episode sees Jonny help unearth a double bubble car, genuine barnfind.   

Both colourful, characterful icons of the thrifty 1950s, the BMW Isetta three wheeler inside the lock-up was buried under decades of hoarded car and boat parts. It will be restorable, despite being partly dismantled for renovation.

The Messerschmitt Kabinen Roller (KR) cabrio in the bushes is all there, but sadly beyond any form of realistic restoration. Such a rare car to see anywhere, let alone find in undergrowth. Both cars were owned by Dean Holling’s late father, who was an engineer and inventor. Dean’s Dan loved quirky contraptions. He built a robot in the 1950s, and built almost anything he turned his hand to.

The return to his late father’s barn was undoubtedly an emotional experience for Dean, but the stories and the discovered cars hopefully makes for a lovely story.

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