Hanging around the Zero EV workshop (scared to go home after abandoning Mrs CP on the side of the road), Jonny gets a first drive and build run-through of their EV swapped Mazda MX-5 (Miata) EV. He also gets a detailed tour of Zero EV HQ and sees the process of converting a piston car, as well as piles of tasty Tesla donor bits.

There is no doubt converting what is a cheap not-quite-classic car to EV won’t stack up financially to many, but this MX-5 is more than that. For Zero EV this project has been the test bed for them hopefully refining a bolt-in kit for many British, European and Japanese front engined, rear drive classic cars. In other words, a vast swathe of cars that we adore. Sure, the MX-5 (Miata) will gain its classic status shortly, but the principles in this yellow car are what really counts.

Zero EV wanted to retain similar performance to the original, as well as the feel and balance – not to mention the weight. Customers will be able to go further on a charge if they spec a bigger battery, and they can spec it with rapid charge ability too. Of course if you wanted more than 120bhp (80kw) then that’s achievable too. As it stands this is an insight into what the where the progressive world of zero emission car conversions is going – using donor Tesla bits, as well as other proven high voltage battery and motor recipes.

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