'Grandpa's UR Quattro influenced my 80s classic first car' said Ben Hooper from the New Forest.    

Welcome to the first Generation Flex episode on The Late Brake Show.

This playlist is specifically aimed at celebrating 17-25 year olds whose passion for driving, restoring/modifying and owning interesting cars is in their blood and this first film follows the car life story of Ben, whose late Grandfather bought a red Audi UR Quattro Turbo new in 1986 and the family still have it. That car had a huge influence on 18 year-old Ben, so much so, that he bought his own pure 80s classic first car. Prior to this Ben had briefly owned a Rover 220 GSI and a Ginetta, but the £600 Volvo 480 with its pop up lights was the car he passed his test in.

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