Sit down for some Idol Chat with Mate Rimac - Europe's answer to Elon Musk and Croatia's finest (and most hard-working) export.  

In this 2-part Idol Chat, Mate (founder and CEO of Automobili Rimac – who make the 2000hp EV ‘Nevera’ hypercar) sits down with Jonny, on some awful old chairs to openly talk about his early-life, his career highs and lows (including some pretty big lows), and of course, his interesting car – and bike – choices.

Sometimes compared to Nikola tesla and Elon Musk, Mate only has a one -car garage at home, so just for ‘The Late Brake Show’, he arranged to bring his vehicles to an empty shopping mall, which has recently started conversion into a brand new Rimac car and battery production facility.

Despite the company being part-owned by Porsche and Hyundai, Mate has a thing for BMW M cars. He also doesn’t even drive a car (let alone an EV) every day; it’s either an M5 or one of his 100kmh e-bikes.

Thanks for watching.

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