Introducing the JDM 'Jonny Cab' classic rwd Nissan Cedric project car to The Late Brake Show lock-up, which is now proudly sponsored by Haynes (manuals).  

We always appreciate a vehicle fit for purpose, or a specific ‘work spec’ car (Jonny is a huge fan of the new London LEVC taxi TV range extender EV) and when the first refusal opportunity came along to purchase this ex Tokyo taxi Nissan Cedric, it would have been rude not to. America had its Ford Crown Victorias, France had its Peugeot 405s/406s and Germany’s W124 Mercedes dominating the taxi ranks for donkey’s years. All of these cars have become iconic through their robustness, comfort and straight-forward engineering.

The JDM imported Y31 Cedric is no exception – they made these taxi versions from 1987 to December 2014, when the civilian versions stopped production long before in 1991. In this video Jonny shows you around the Cedric’s quirks, such as automatic compressed air opening and closing rear door, electrically operated wing mirrors, taxi meter and receipt printer, rubber floors and hilarious antimacassar seat covers.

The ‘Jonny Cab’ is currently all original, but Jonny is planning some custom touches that won’t interrupt its authentic Eastern taxi roots.

Thanks for watching.

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