First things, first, if you don't know what The Late Brake Show is, then click this link for a quick overview. Our latest tour dates will appear here, but don’t forget to keep registering your interest at the bottom of the page, so that we can contact you ASAP with ticket information.

Kent, August 7thLeicestershire, September 11thManchester, November 6thSomerset, December 11th + 12th

Since we started ‘CarPervert’ YouTube at the end of January 2020, and then rebranded to ‘The Late Brake Show’ at the end of September 2020, it’s been one hell of a ride, and you lot have been AMAZING.

So it’s time to take our relationship to the next level. It’s time to see you, meet you (and if possible and it’s not weird or infectious to do so), maybe even touch you in the flesh.

We’ve got a basic plan and we’ve got a brilliant events company on board to help us, but even so, it will still likely be a ‘learning as we go’ affair.

Our plan is to bring our ‘playlists’ to life and have a slick, but grass-roots display of each of them (see bottom of the page). The main event will be a live ‘Idol Chat’ on stage, with a guest + (hopefully) Richard ‘Sniff Petrol’ Porter – if we can persuade him. And of course, we will film each ‘tour’ event for a mini film for YouTube.

We’ll utilise our car parks as an extra event feature, and showcase as many 'display' vehicles as possible - after all this is as much about you lot as it is us! We'll also have general car parking for those that simply want to park and walk away.

We’ll also use each carpark as an event feature, and park as many vehicles as possible by interest/genre, as well as having general carparking for those that simply want to park and walk away.

We’ll keep tickets reasonably-priced and numbers on the conservative side to start with, so that each one is manageable while we’re learning. But even so, in truth we have no idea how many of you might want to come to each event.

If you’re a brand or a business and you’re interested in exhibiting at any of our events, please click here.

I want to exhibit

Below is a simple ‘show of interest’ form, which we are using to both gauge interest for each 'Tour', but also, so that we can contact you as soon as Tour dates are announced and tickets go on sale. We are asking for email addresses only so that we can contact you afterwards with this booking information.

Under no circumstance will we email you about anything else,please be fully assured of that.

    Favourite - You’d have to PAY ME not to attend this event (please select 1 event)

    Close second - I’d do my best to attend this event, circumstances allowing (please select 1 event)

    Third - I’ll try to attend this event, but can’t make any promises (please select 1 event)

    *dates subject to slight change once locations are secured

    When I attend I would like to bring a display vehicle with me:

    If yes, please select one of the following display options:

    The vehicle I'd like to bring is:

    Thanks a million for giving us this info, it will genuinely help us.

    Jonny and Chops

    The Event Zones (our ‘playlists’)

    Is where we curate a collection of all the ‘new’ car launches you’ve seen on the channel – and some extras that you haven’t – so that you can see and sit in them, in the flesh (EV and piston).

    We will set-up an ‘Idol Chat’ stage and Jonny will do a leather chair chat with a ‘special guest’ + an audience Q&A. If we can drag Rich Porter along to co-host, we will.

    We’ll invite (and most probably have to trailer) a selection of our previous Barn Find vehicles to display here.

    We’ll invite our previous ‘Car Caves’ to bring some of their ‘caved’ wheels to the event.

    We’ll OF COURSE bring as many of Jonny’s (and Chops’) vehicles to the event as possible.

    This is your chance to ‘show and shine’ your projects, no matter what they are. Everyone’s welcome and entries are via the form above.

    We’ll try and set-up some kind of merch stand for TLBS, CarPervert and even Smith and Sniff merch!