This full on and off-road review is of the brand new (but looks Soviet, because kinda is Soviet design) Spartan EV 4x4.   

UK company Morris Ward Motors (MWM) has developed an EV drivetrain for this Russian UAZ Hunter using the original 4×4 axles and transfer case/locking diffs. MW Motors has even gone to the effort of manufacturing a RHD version.

With an electric range of 125 miles, a wading depth of half a metre (restricted not by batteries and high voltage, but door seals) and 600nm of instant torque, the Spartan is clearly a better suited machine for offroad than on road driving, but could prove highly useful in agriculture, wildlife conservation, forestry and rural trade.

If the electric part (and price) puts you off, you could simply order a petrol one instead.

Spartans can only be bought in 5 door and 5 seat, and although it is comfortable it is certainly not laden with luxury. Or much in fact. No radio, no AC, no wind down windows, no carpets. But the Spartan certainly isn’t missing character.

Tech spec: Spartan 2.7 petrol £16,583 + VAT, Spartan EV £35,395 + VAT (as of November 2021)

Length = 4050mm // Width = 2055mm (with mirrors) // Height = 1950mm // Wheelbase = 2380mm // Ground clearance = 210mm // Wading depth = 500mm // Kerb weight = 1965kg // CCS rapid charge up to 63kW 0-80% in 60 mins 0-100% in 75 mins // Wallbox 7kW 0-100% in 10 hours 6.6kW onboard charger as standard.

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