This is the Late Brake Show full review of an EV converted Citroen 2CV - renamed the 2CEV.  

The ‘deux chevaux’ is one of the most recognised and iconic cars in history, having been made over 5 decades since WWII ended.

Jonny visits the 2CV Shop in Wiltshire ( to see how a company like this not only helps to keep existing piston 2CVs on the road, but also offers brand new old cars with new chassis and bodyshells.

The EV conversion bolts in and replaces the flat twin air-cooled engine (which ranged from 9hp in the early days, to 30hp in the 1980s). This ‘modification’ won’t suit everyone’s pocket or lifestyle, but from £16,400 fitted, it could be a compelling case for classic driving (or wannabe classic driving) city dwellers, or wealthy second home owners wanting an amusing grocery getter.

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