On August 7th (2021) 'The Late brake Show' went LIVE and ON TOUR for the first time.  

From EVs to V8s, with restomods and barn finds thrown in for good measure; the first ever ‘Late Brake Show’ Live and On Tour was held on August 7th (2021) in Kent, with the intention to bring our channel playlists to life.

The small first show was a prototype to try and encourage an eclectic mix of new, old, modified and EV cars together for a chilled day in a field. Jonny’s own project cars were on display, as were playlists ‘Projects Of The People’, ‘Barn Finds’, ‘Car Caves’ and ‘Launches’. Our special LIVE ‘Idol Chat’ guest was the lovely and pretty eccentric ‘Jimmy de Ville’ and there is a separate video, just on the tatty chairs chat with him, including a sprinkling of Richard ‘Sniff Petrol’ Porter.

Taking ‘late’ and ‘brake’ a little too literally was Jonny’s wife Chops, who fell and broke her leg on holiday the week beforehand, but it didn’t stop ‘the show’ and not only did the weather hold out for us (rain and heavy wind was forecast), but the crowd were simply fantastic and forced the sun out with sheer positivity.

Thanks for watching.

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