A real-world (and snowy) review of Ford's first mass produced EV - the all new (and somewhat controversial) electric EV Mustang SUV.

Mach-e is Ford’s first mass production EV and it’s an SUV, albeit with a Mustang badge.

Jonny conducts one a detailed (albeit wintery) review of the new electric Mach-e; both driving on the snowy UK roads and a walk-around of what is Ford’s 379 miles (610km) range Tesla Model 3 Y rival. Is it a muscle car? Of course not. It has the pony badge as opposed to the blue oval, but it is a 5 door, 5 seater Crossover with range and tech at the top of its agenda.

There are 4 versions of the Ford Mach-e on sale, with a choice of awd and rwd, then a standard or extended range battery pack. The forthcoming GT model promises sub 5 second 0-62mph and added body styling (to mimic the Mach-e 1400 drift lunatic project).

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