Welcome to another classic barn find episode. We say barnfind, but it is a regular suburban garage find, where a 1973 Volvo 145 (the one before the 240 and the one after the Amazon) has been in hibernation (stuffed full of spare parts) for the last 30 years.

Jonny was contacted about this automotive discovery through a friend in the EV world. He’d seen the car covered in carpets during a home being cleared (due to a bereavement). Neil immediately emailed Jonny with a pic to say he’d contacted the family to ask permission to possibly help remove the car and find it a new home. It transpires that the Volvo in question was the ‘special occasion’ family car for the late owner Trevor Cox, who was a nuclear power station safety engineer. It turns out he liked safe cars, and preserving them to the nth degree. In this video Jonny’s old friend Bryn Musselwhite (who mans the cams for this vid) arranges to buy the car, because this car was just the same model as the one his late father had when he was a kid.

Hopefully this vid shows how an ‘ordinary’ car that gets pampered and preserved for no apparent reason then finds a new home for a bright future. We love a happy ending here on TLBS, especially if it involves a classic car. We must take this chance to say a huge thank you to the Cox family; to Neil Brandon for finding the car and then to Bryn for filming it and becoming the new custodian.

Thanks for watching.

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