In this episode, Jonny finally sets about repairing his aircooled Volkswagen, first car, to drive again  

It had been sitting dormant since 2004 until April 2020, when Jonny made a video about firing up and running his 1967 VW Beetle 1500. In this sentimental episode proudly supported by Haynes, he and his brother Greg (who restores pre-war cars) spent almost a week going through and removing, rebuilding or replacing whatever parts were required in order to make it reliable and roadworthy again.
Being 1967, it is MoT and tax exempt, but Jonny wanted to ensure he didn’t cut any corners on the essential stuff. A full resto is on the cards for KYC 675D in the future, but in the meantime it can hit the road for 2021 and be enjoyed for the first time by his wife and kids. Please note that before using it on the road Jonny also replaced all four tyres with new Continentals (155 front, 195 rear).

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