Welcome to our first ever 'Car Caves', where The Late Brake Show explores other people's interesting car dens and garages and hears the amazing stories behind them.   

Part 1 of this 2-parter first video series, takes Jonny to Nottinghamshire where Richard Gill keeps his machinery stashed inside a plush industrial unit. There are sofas, a bigger TV than Jonny’s at home, a classic Vespa by the toilet and eight cars of different eras, marques and states of modification. Richard daily drives a BMW i3 EV, a hybrid Range Rover and an electric Super Soco motorbike, but he rotates this neat collection of cars, and each one has a backstory and delivers a different sensation.
Don’t forget to watch the sister episode to Car Caves, where Jonny drives one of the vehicles inside the garage. This time it had to be Richard’s space-ship Spyker C8 Laviolette.
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