Welcome to the very first episode of The Late Brake Show - Cosworths to Vanquishes: Ian Callum's life of cars and car design.

This is a special 2-part candid chat with Jonny’s good friend (ex Jaguar Design Director) Ian Callum, where the guys discuss more than just the usual attractive Jags. In this ‘part one’ Ian touches on his back catalogue of 1980s Ford designs (including the RS200, Escort Cosworth, Puma and Transit steering wheels (!), his time with TWR where he designed the Aston Martin DB7. Surrounded by Ian’s eclectic personal car collection, which ranges from aircooled Volkswagens and Porsches, to modified Jag coupes, classic Minis and a stunning 1932 Ford hot rod, the interview takes place at the new Callum Designs studio (https://www.callumdesigns.com/ ), where the R-Reforged Vanquish 25 – his latest project of resto-modding his own Aston Martin Vanquish project 25 years after its launch – will be built. Don’t miss part 2, where Ian takes Jonny for a spin in his modified 1970s Jaguar XJ Coupe, and then the chaps take a closer look at all the cars Ian buys with his own money.

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