Off the popularity of the Honda e EV review, I decided to make the next CarPervert video about my pair of tiny rare classic Honda vehicles - the CZ100 monkey motor bike and my S600 Coupe car.

Both are Japanese (obviously), red (also obviously) and both made in 1965 (less obvious). I have a bizarre fascination for any motorcycle that fits inside a car boot and have owned about 7 such bikes in my life. The CZ100 is regarded as one of the godfathers in the minibike world, and even a small ride out of 10-12 miles feels like a mission when you are 6′ 3″ tall and your tyre pressure is your only suspension.

I have to confess there are a couple of errors in this video. One is my pronunciation of the fuel pump – it is made by Mitsuba, not Mabuchi. Also, the Honda monkey bike historical timeline moves from Z100 to CZ100, then the Z50M before the long-running Z50A. Apologies for these errors. I’m still finding my feet with the self-employed Youtuber thing. Rest assured there will be more videos featuring both this bike and the coupe when its restoration is finished. In the meantime please enjoy this CarPervert classic video and subscribe to Carpervert for an eclectic mixed bag of automotive treats from today, yesterday and tomorrow. Huge thanks to my brother Greg at Greg Smith Vintage Cars and also Pete at Project Heaven.

Thanks for watching.

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Filmed and edited by Mark Taylor-Hankins @inksharkman