If you haven't watched the previous CarPervert video, where I meet serial Escort obsessive Russell Lord (who makes Escorts out of solid silver, gold, diamonds and other precious things) then you should have a look at that first.

In this episode London jeweller Russell Lord invites me to his house to see his full size classic Ford Escorts. He is in the middle of building his 57th mk1/mk2 Escort, which is a wide arched Atlas axle mk1 with a 2.4 Duratec injected twin cam. Russell also owns an early 1968 mk1 Escort Lotus twin cam (complete with solid gold bonnet badge!) and a beautiful unrestored 1300 GT 2-door. He is also deep in the build of a mk2 rally car, which has a Vauxhall red top engine. For Russell Fords are a religion. He makes objet d’art ornaments of them, then he goes home to the workshop and renovates, fettles and perfects his full size Fords.

Here are the tech specs of all three cars: Green Escort #57 Based on a 1974 1300 base model 6 links ‘Watts linkage’ suspension Narrowed Atlas axle with LSD Bilstein adjustable coilovers Mazda MX-5 5-speed, shortened propshaft Dry sumped 2.4 Duratec, 320bhp approx Motec ECU and wiring Jenvey fuel injected throttle bodies 8 x 13 gold Minilites AP racing CP4567 front calipers, vented discs Sierra Cosworth rear discs 2.4 turn ‘quick’ steering rack, stock steering column AP master cylinders, Rix pedalbox Heater box/matrix modified to clear Duratec engine.

Bought and started in August 2019. INTERIOR Momo steering wheel Bespoke homemade full length centre console. Home made rear seats and parcel shelf in a period style. Period heated front seats are homemade and recovered by Aldridge Trimmers. Home made door trim panels. Boot area being trimmed to cover fuel tank etc Raceline gauges BODYWORK Steel bodywork, including arches and panels N.O.S bonnet, doors and bootlid (to be fitted) Going to be painted Ford Sebring Orange ******** 1972 mk1 Escort 1300 GT Venetian Red Never restored. Some light repairs over the years Only modification is an electric washer switch rather than the floor foot button Owned since 2016 The slowest car, but Russell’s favourite car ******** 1968 mk1 Escort ‘twin cam’ Ermine white 1558cc Lotus DOHC Rebuilt to produce approx 185bhp Lotus 881A coded steel wheels Owned since 2016 Russell is having a mk2 Group 4 Escort rally car being made with a Vauxhall red top 2.0-litre.

Ready before summer. There will be another episode of CarPervert with the Lord of Ford when this rally car and #57 are finished. I’ve been promised a drive. Huge thanks to Russell Lord (and family) of Lord of London




Thanks to the Avenger Sunbeam Owners Club

https://asoc.co.uk/ – for permission to use the Colin McRae rally Avenger photo.

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