Imagine buying and importing a DeLorean as your first car. Well, that is what a 16-year old Miles Reynolds Cole from Bristol did back in 2017.  

The BTTF fanatic stopped at nothing to save up and convince his Mum to let him import a DMC 12 resto project from America, and then feverishly resurrected it in his Dad’s single garage ready to be a daily driven retro first car. 

When Miles (now 20) contacted The Late Brake Show, back in the Autumm of 2020, Jonny knew he had to take a closer look at this ratty rolling resto icon. Here was a young guy hellbent on owning his ultimate car from such an early age, and tinkering on retro cars when many folks his age are too busy on Tik Tok and X Box.

Jonny absolutely loved the story behind the ‘Man DeLorean’, and we hope you will too. Because the car world needs more ‘tinkerers’ like Miles.

Thanks for watching.

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