Jonny reviews the all new entry level luxury British luxo barge with the help of the Ghost of Christmas present... Or Jon Simms, the Project Leader of Ghost at Rolls Royce, to be more precice.

Originally Jonny borrowed the £208,000 (£292k as tested) entry level Roller to drive back to his home village and collect his parents as a surprise Christmas present. Then the UK laws changed and lockdown 3 happened, putting the brakes on that idea. Jonny did discover why the new Ghost is the first driver’s car Rolls Royce has ever made. Until now it has been a given that the British luxury motorcar manufacturer makes magic carpet ride quality, but not so much good handling cars. That changes with the new Ghost’s AWD AWS (All Wheel Steering) system, linked to the Cullinan’s 6.75-litre V12 twin turbo engine and 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. No more baggy, bodyrolling three piece suite driving characteristics, but actually driving engagement akin to a BMW, but with world class ride. It is thanks to air bag suspension and a special damper for the front upper wishbones called the Planar system. And also 100kg of sound proofing.

Jonny’s Mum, Sue, would have cooed at the cossetting rear seats, with massage, recline function and the softest of leather headrests. Jonny’s Dad, Bob would have admired the engineering of the suspension, the ridiculous LED illuminating dashboard and starlight headliner, but also worry about the 18mpg economy (at best). Should this car have been an EV? Probably. And one day it will be, which is when Rolls Royce’s quest for silence, endless torque and sumptuously tailored upholstery will reign supreme.

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