Welcome back to another update on the Smith family's project Suzuki Jimny SZ5 - which was the UK's first privately owned Jimny.   

The Jimny FINALLY gets new wheels, all-terrain tyres and some winter ready paint protection (ceramic coating).

Plus, as a lot of you ask regularly, Jonny has gone to town on corrosion resistance on the floorpan and chassis of the Suzuki, an easy process that can prolong the lifespan and residual value of newer and classic cars. The underneath is often the forgotten part of a car. Ignore it and the rot will rear its fugly, expensive head.

She (yes she’s a she… according to Ms CP anyway) also receives a long-lasting ceramic coating paint treatment, rust resisting cavity waxing on the floorpan and chassis, and a long awaited set of fresh wheels and all-terrain tyres.

Purchased in December 2018 after a year of waiting (hounding Suzuki UK), the CarPervert family Jim has covered 17,500 miles and is shortly to require its first MoT test (mandatory every year in the UK for cars under 40 years old). But that’s anotther video…

Thanks for watching.

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